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Transforming Lives Through Education

Our Journey of Hope

In the face of adversity, we, Brothers and Sisters for Israel (BSI), embarked on a  mission to foster hope through the transformative power of education. BSI stands as a unifying force, putting educational initiatives into action, and intertwining efforts to support and uplift children of different age groups and needs.

Kindergartens for displaced children, built by Brothers and Sisters for Israel - Ahim La Taf

Amidst war zones, BSI embarked on a mission to establish preschool education centres. Over 30 centres have already blossomed, offering refuge and knowledge for children aged 0-6. This collective effort serves as a beacon of hope, transcending the challenges of the current circumstances.

Ages 0-6

School children smiling - brothers and sisters for Israel - Hamal Ezrahi

Throughout Israel's conflict zones, BSI established "Warmth Centres," supplementing formal learning with informal activities in approximately 45 centres across southern and northern Israel. Youth coordinators, funded by BSI, manage these centres, providing stability and hope for thousands of youth facing the disruptions of war.

Ages 6-18

Special needs education solutions by Brothers and Sisters for Israel - Hamal Ezrahi

When the Educational Department of Sderot presented a challenge, BSI seized the opportunity to create a school for children with special needs. This vision became a reality in the Dead Sea area, where an exceptional educational centre has been established, offering personalised care and attention for approximately 60 students.

Special Needs

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