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Tactical Defensive Equipment to civilian emergency squads
Brothers and Sisters for Israel - Hamal Ezrahi - civilian emergency sqauds

During this appalling massacre, it was the community first response teams in the rural villages and kibbutzim who bravely faced the initial onslaught from Gaza. They stood their ground for hours, enduring heavy casualties, defending their communities until the military could break through. These local volunteers, armed and authorized by the state, to serve as first responders, emerged as the unsung heroes, saving tens of thousands of Israeli lives. That said, having analyzed the events, it became evident that those teams were severely under equipped, in terms of weapons, personal equipment, communication and first aid.


From the very outset, Brothers and Sisters for Israel has shouldered the noble responsibility of supporting and resupplying these courageous defenders, helping these communities find a renewed sense of safety.

Equipping Our Civilians Emergency Squads 

Our mission is to equip and empower 8,000 dedicated first responders to form Civilian Emergency Squads in 500 meticulously selected communities along Israel's borders. Our goal is to ensure they are well-prepared with essential defensive gear and first-aid supplies.

Our Mission

Brothers and Sisters for Israel work in full collaboration with both the Ministry of Defense and local municipalities, adhering to the highest standards, maximizing the impact of our efforts.

Official Partnership With Authorities 

A considerate selection of the communities we support is an integral aspect of our mission. In the initial phase, we chose to prioritize and provide resources to the communities situated within 0-7 kilometers of both the southern and northern borders of Israel. These regions are on the frontline, confronting the highest levels of risk and urgency.

How Did We Select The Communities We Are Supporting?

What Will We Be Supplying? 

providing Tactical Defensive Equipment to civilian emergency squads

Our Civilian Emergency Squads encounter unique challenges in high-risk areas. The equipment we will supply, plays a pivotal role in providing them with the protective tactical gear and tools necessary to stay safe and respond effectively during emergencies.


The tactical gear equipment includes 20 items amongst other military grade equipment such as: a tactical bag, tactical helmet and ceramic vest.

Important notice: we do not supply weapons, ammunition or any offensive tactical gear. The provision of such equipment is handled by the military. Our sole focus is on providing defensive tactical gear.

Tactical Defensive Equipment 


Prompt and effective first aid can make the difference between life and death. Your support will ensure that our Civilian Emergency Squads have access to vital first-aid supplies, enabling them to treat and stabilize victims until professional assistance arrives.


The first aid kit includes over 20 different items, such as a tactical tourniquet, emergency bandages, medical shears, gauzes, and triangular bandages.

First Aid Kit ​

providing first aid kits to civilian emergency squads

How Can You Help

The cost of equipping one Civilian Emergency Squad, which includes an average of 16 volunteers, is approximately $24,000. Our aim to equip all 500 squads for a total cost of approximately $12M USD.

Join us in making a profound impact on the lives of those who serve as the first line of defense alongside Israel's borders. Your support will play a pivotal role in safeguarding our most vulnerable communities, ultimately saving the lives of thousands of families across the country.

Please mention 'Civilian Emergency Squads' under donation comments

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