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On that significant day, our mission was clear – to extend beyond a conventional organization, to be a lifeline for those facing adversity. Brothers and Sisters for Israel has grown organically, gradually becoming a significant contributor to civil assistance in the nation. At our core are principles of efficiency, timely response, and a core reliance on 100% volunteerism.

As we approach a new year, we take a moment to acknowledge the milestones achieved – from supplying soldiers with essentials to aiding refugees, evolving into a leading aid organization. These milestones are markers of your continuous support, a fundamental pillar that propels our efforts forward.

The heartbeat of our operation resides in the BSI Headquarters, where our dedicated teams tirelessly address urgent needs emerging from the field. From providing essential goods and services to the delicate task of rebuilding communities and facilitating the return of displaced individuals to their homes, our commitment extends to diverse facets of community well-being.

Transitioning from our initial focus on emergency response, we are now allocating our efforts towards projects that promise enduring positive impact. Initiatives such as "Education 0-6," ensuring continuous education for our youngest, and "Brothers in Farms," supporting agricultural initiatives, demonstrate our commitment to sustainable change.

Within a few days from October 7th, 2023, we were amazed to discover we achieved a milestone, becoming Israel's largest civic aid organization with 15,000 volunteers nationwide. Every donated dollar translates into tangible support for those facing the challenges that have befallen our nation. Together, we've made a difference, and together, we will continue to impact lives.

In times of crisis, communities rely on their own. Today, we turn to you. Your ongoing support is the key to addressing both immediate and ongoing needs. Join us on this journey of compassion, resilience, and unity. Together, we can and will make a difference. Brothers and Sisters for Israel – here to stay, here to contribute to a better future.

About us

Welcome to Brothers and Sisters for Israel – a community-driven organization born from the shared commitment of thousands of volunteers who, since October 7th, have united to redefine civil assistance in Israel.

Credit: "Hamakor" ("The Source")


Since we started, in just weeks of operations and with over 15,000 daily volunteers, we have been able to do the following:


  • Establish and operate 4 centers for displaced citizens across the country (Eilat, Netanya, Dead Sea, Tel aviv) for supplies and donated equipment. 

Our Achievements So Far:

  • Acquire and deliver to the IDF tens-of-thousands of military supplies, including tactical vests and helmets. 

  • Conduct emergency rescue and evacuation of 12,000 civilians and soldiers from border communities in southern and northern Israel. 

  • Deliver more than 200,000 meals to families and soldiers.

  • Distribute 30,000 mobile charges to soldiers in the field. 

  • Built an AI centre with more than 500 volunteers which operated  24/7 to identify and locate missing and kidnapped people in partnership with the authorities. 

  • Build a database of 12,500 homes and hosting options for displaced families.

  • Acquire, collect and distribute over 40,000 pieces of medical equipment and set up a medical headquarters adjacent to Tel Hashomer Sheba Hospital. 

  • Supply 40,000 socks, 20,000 watches, 20,000 hygiene packages and 10,000 hydration bags.

  • Help to pick crops and milk cows in farms in near the Gaza border.

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