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What we have been working on, and how you can become involved

Current Projects

Brothers and Sisters for Israel has a strategic plan to support the civilian population during the War in Gaza. We hope to enable, to the greatest degree possible, normal daily civilian life.


To that end, we are operating a variety of programs that serve to fulfill all the needs of the civilian population in wartime as they arise.

civilian emergency sqauds

During this appalling massacre, it was the community first response teams in the rural villages and kibbutzim who bravely faced the initial onslaught from Gaza. They stood their ground for hours, enduring heavy casualties, defending their communities until the military could break through.


In Full Collaboration with the authorities, Our mission is to equip and empower 8,000 dedicated first responders to form Civilian Emergency Squads in 500 meticulously selected communities along Israel's borders. Our goal is to ensure they are well-prepared with essential defensive gear and first-aid supplies.


Equipping Our Civilians Emergency Squads

kindergarten children playing in a kindergarten built by Brothers and Sisters for Israel

Brothers and Sisters for Israel has established emergency informal and formal education in hotels and other temporary accommodations for toddlers, children and adolescents ages 0-18, who have been evacuated from their homes or live in areas close to the border and cannot attend their neighborhood schools.

Our Goals are to reduce learning disruption caused by the war, Improve mental well-being of the children and developing increased resilience to cope with the challenges of displacement and to rebuild their lives after the war.


Mobilizing for Education in Wartime

Volunteering in agriculture - Brothers in Farms - Brothers and SIsters for Israel

Brothers in Farms

From the beginning of the Zionist agricultural enterprise, farming marked the borders of the country and expressed the connection between the people of Israel and its land. Since 1948 till our days, farming remains crucial to the country, and its food independence is cherished.

The area bordering Gaza is home to around three-quarters of Israel’s agricultural activity. Residents of the kibbutzim and moshavim 
(agricultural communities) evacuated in the immediate aftermath of the deadly Hamas attacks, abandoned their unfed chickens and unmilked cows, as well as their crops.

Now, the drastic labor shortage has left fruit and vegetables rotting on their branches before they can be picked. Maintaining the continuity of agricultural activity is critical to the defense of Israel's physical borders, the nutritional security of all Israeli citizens, and the livelihood of our farmers, who produce fruit and vegetables for both internal consumption and export.

To this date, we have assisted 150 farms all over the country - all done with the help of thousands of volunteers.


assisting to displaced civilians - brothers and sisters for israel

As part of Brothers and Sisters for Israel’s efforts to support and aid all the displaced Israeli citizens and their families from conflict areas near Israel’s southern and northern borders, we are doing the following: 

  • Operating 8 desks throughout the country to receive questions and provide responses directly to displaced persons.

Displaced Citizens HQ

  • Operating a cancer patient support system in Eilat in cooperation with the Yoseftal Hospital to ensure continuity of care.

  • Operation of Command-and-Control Centers in the Dead Sea Center and in the north that includes the intake of displaced persons and logistical support   including the provision of food, clothing and educational programming as well as medical and mental health services.

Clothes, home items, donations for displaced israelies - brothers and sisters for israel

We operate logistics centers for the collection and distribution of equipment and food for displaced persons and soldiers.


  • We have distributed 40,000 pairs of socks, 20,000 watches, 20,000 personal hygiene kits, 200,000 hot meals and 30,000 portable chargers.

Equipment Command and Control Centers

  • All the equipment is delivered directly to the field in full coordination with the IDF and other relevant municipal and regional authorities. 

First Line Med is a volunteer-based task force that delivers emergency medical supplies to soldiers and civilians in Israel’s front lines during the country’s current crisis.

Our team consists of 110 volunteers, including doctors, paramedics, business and tech executives, financial and operations experts, all working tirelessly to help our Israeli brothers and sisters.

Our mission is to provide critical and lifesaving medical equipment in response to real time demand, working as an end-to-end operation. We work in coordination with the IDF, the Ministry of Health, Sheba Hospital and the department of customs and VAT. These collaborations enable us to immediately get critical supplies to where they are needed.

First Line Med

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