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medical kits supplied by Brothers and Sisters for Israel - Hamal Ezrahi

First Line Med is a volunteer-based task force that delivers emergency medical supplies to soldiers and civilians in Israel’s front lines during the country’s current crisis.

Our team consists of 110 volunteers, including doctors, paramedics, business and tech executives, financial and operations experts, all working tirelessly to help our Israeli brothers and sisters.

​First Line Med

Our mission is to provide critical and lifesaving medical equipment in response to real time demand, working as an end-to-end operation. We work in coordination with the IDF, the Ministry of Health, Sheba Hospital and the department of customs and VAT. These collaborations enable us to immediately get critical supplies to where they are needed.

Our Mission

  • We have supplied and fulfilled the requests for over 700 ATLS, BLS and advanced trauma kits for medics and doctors in the army, as well as in the Civilian Emergency Squads.

  • We orchestrated the donation and shipment of 7 aircrafts worth of medical equipment to Israel.

Our Impact to Date

A considerate selection of the communities we support is an integral aspect of our mission. In the initial phase, we chose to prioritize and provide resources to the communities situated within 0-7 kilometers of both the southern and northern borders of Israel. These regions are on the frontline, facing the highest levels of risk and urgency.

How Did We Select The Communities We Are Supporting?

Exciting cargo - medical supply shipped to Israel
  • To continue to supply medical kits and to gradually increase the quantity of medical kits provided by us.

  • To provide our medical kits and supplies to Civilian Emergency Squads, who were authorized by the state to function as primary responders.

Our Goals For The Future

  • The cost of providing a complete medical kit is approximately $250 USD.

  • In Phase A we aim to provide 1,000 kits at a total cost of $250,000 USD.

  • In Phase B we aim to provide 10,000 kits at a total cost of $2.5M USD.

Current Estimated Budget

First Line Med initiative - we're thankful for all the people, around the world, who took part

The cost of equipping one Civilian Emergency Squad, which includes an average of 16 volunteers, is approximately $24,000. Our aim to equip all 500 squads for a total cost of approximately $12M USD.

How Can You Help

Join us in making a profound impact on the lives of those who serve as the first line of defense alongside Israel's borders. Your support will play a pivotal role in safeguarding our most vulnerable communities, ultimately saving the lives of thousands of families across the country.

Our support enables us to provide life-saving aid to those bravely serving on Israel’s front lines. Please, DONATE NOW and join us in this mission to bring medical assistance where it is needed the most!

Your support will help save lives!

Please mention 'First Line Med' under donation comments

Ongoing Projects

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