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Volunteer in Israeli agriculture - Brothers in Farms

The drastic labor shortage has left fruit and vegetables rotting on their branches before they can be picked. Maintaining the continuity of agricultural activity is critical to the defense of Israel's physical borders, the nutritional security of all Israeli citizens, and the livelihood of our farmers, who produce fruit and vegetables for both internal consumption and export.

Come by yourself or as a group, to volunteer in farms across the country, and help the farmers as well as the entire nation.

Every day is a perfect day to volunteer in agriculture! 

Brothers and Sisters for Industry - how to volunteer in israel

Working with 25 factories across different industries in the vicinity of the southern and northern borders, this initiative enables such factories to maintain their customers’ demands, while facilitating their employees to take necessary time off.

We seek to provide personnel that will help these facilities maintain operational levels. Come by yourself or as a group, to volunteer in factories & plants.

Support Israeli Industry - local factories need you

Brothers and Sisters for Israel has a strategic plan to support the civilian population during the War in Gaza. We hope to enable, to the greatest degree possible, normal daily civilian life.


To that end, we are operating a variety of programs that serve to fulfill all the needs of the civilian population in wartime as they arise.

Let your voice be heard through simple online actions


Donate a computer for displaced families

Whole communities, families, and survivors were evacuated following the heinous terror attacks on the 7th of October.
It will take years to rebuild their homes and towns.

The "Computer from the Heart" Association has harnessed its efforts to support the evacuees and provide them with a working computer, so that they can try and manage some sort of normal lives.

With your help, a Windows-based laptop computer will be provided to displaced children and their families.

"Computer from the Heart" (Machshev Lev) - Donate a Computer for Evacuated Families

Blinken visiting the Brothers and Sisters for Israel headquarters

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