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volunteering to assist israeli industry
brothers and sisters for israel hamal ezrahi industry volunteer

Industry Support

Working with 30 factories across different industries in the vicinity of the southern and northern borders, the goals of this initiative are to enable such factories to maintain their customers’ demands, while at the same time facilitating their employees to take off necessary time – whether due to their having been evacuated from the vicinity of their places of employment, their having been called into reserve duty or their needing recovery time, all while keeping secure their employment at such organizations.

We seek to provide personnel that will help these facilities maintain operational levels. Since the project launch, we have managed to increase work days by 40% at the 20 factories

Our Mission

civilians volunteering in israeli factory

We are also assisting the factories, their owners and employees to apply for various public and private grants, and generally to provide guidance regarding government benefits

Goals for the Future

Want to volunteer?

The cost of equipping one Civilian Emergency Squad, which includes an average of 16 volunteers, is approximately $24,000. Our aim to equip all 500 squads for a total cost of approximately $12M USD.

How Can You Help

Join us in making a profound impact on the lives of those who serve as the first line of defense alongside Israel's borders. Your support will play a pivotal role in safeguarding our most vulnerable communities, ultimately saving the lives of thousands of families across the country.

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