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On the morning of October 7th our world changed. In response, Brothers and Sisters for Israel has completely dedicated itself to providing crucial aid and support to civilians and soldiers and is currently the largest civilian aid organization operating in full coordination with the Israeli military.


From the onset of this war we have been continuously mobilizing critical resources, locating missing individuals and procuring vital equipment for soldiers and civilians. We are running an unprecedented comprehensive logistical operation leaving no request unanswered.


Any funds raised by Brothers and Sisters for Israel are dedicated to support the aid organization. No funds will be devoted to any political goal and the organization has no political association.

About us

Brothers and Sisters of Israel is the largest civilian aid organization operating in Israel, entirely powered by volunteers who are former IDF soldiers, ensuring that 100% of funds go directly toward acquiring essential resources and supplies. Our leading efforts include combat gear for soldiers, humanitarian support, meals, clothing, and evacuation for those in war zones, accommodation for the displaced, and nationwide logistics centers.

Our mission

Your support will make a profound impact on the lives of those effected by this crisis

The critical shortages

We urgently seek assistance in five critical areas, both humanitarian and logistical:


 1. Protective Gear:  Ceramic vests and tactical helmets. We are working directly with the Ministry of defense and elite units.


 2. Logistical Shortages: We are facing a severe shortage of medical supplies, clothing, food, and water.


3. Hostages and Missing Citizens: Right now, Brothers and Sisters is using the most advanced AI-facial recognition Identification Technology software to identify hostages and missing persons and are working in conjunction with the Shabak and the IDF.


 4. Mental Support for Children and Families: Children and Families who have experienced the trauma of this crisis require psychological support.


5. Refugee Families: Right now, Israel has over 200,000 refugees without homes. We are helping families who have been displaced from their homes and need a place to sleep.

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